If you were searching for economically priced reproduction 19th Century and Victorian period fretless banjos, you have landed in the right place.

We make two basic models: a gourd banjo and a tack head wooden shell minstrel banjo. These banjos do not copy any specific 19th Century banjo, but rather incorporate elements from several period instruments to give them the sound, look and feel of the period. 

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If you are looking for something you do not see here, we are willing to customize. Please contact us with your ideas.

  • Rosin the Beau 14 inch minstrel0:37

The Banjo Factory

John Salicco Custom Fretless Gourd and minstrel Banjos and Kits

Why Just fiddle around, when you can "ring da banjo"?

Join the fretless banjo fraternity! Experience American "roots" music the way it used to be, then pass it on. Ring, Ring de Banjo!

Reproduction Fretless 19th Century Banjos
Reproduction 19th Century Tack Head Fretless Banjos

Our wooden shell and gourd banjos are authentic looking and affordable. They give you that wonderful 19th Century low bass toned minstrel sound. Each banjo is a unique hand made original by John Salicco. They are designed to be played "stroke style" (a simple type of frailing or claw hammer stroke) typically tuned 2 1/2 steps below modern tuning. From about 1830 to 1860 this was a common tuning for the banjo. The sound sample at the top of this page is played "stroke style" on a 14" minstrel fretless banjo similar to the ones pictured to the right.