Reproduction 19th Century Tack Head Fretless Banjos

The Banjo Factory

Tack head banjos, as shown above,  appear to be more historically correct for the first half of the 19th Century.

I have never seen a 19th Century picture or drawing of a laced head banjo, but I will provide that option at no extra charge.

The smaller size gourd banjo is the most historically correct for the pre-1840s.

The large 14" minstrel style is  most appropriate for after 1850.

The best over all size for a gourd banjo is 9" to 10".  It is not only the most historically appropriate, but that size is least affected by temperature and humidity. That being said, when gourds are  available, I can make them larger on request.

We can make your banjo with friction pegs or mechanical tuners. For choices of mechanical tuners click on "Options".

This is a close up of the Stichter style or"Lazy 8" shape of peg head.